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  • nasm - 2001-04-08
    lib4th compiles well w/ my own version which includes A.Zabolotnys modifications and some own bug-fixes, etc. When trying to develop new code, pse, be warned that neither, the original release, nasm-0.98, nor e.g. the 0.98.08 or later 'development' versions, will do! plain 0.98e was'nt tried since long....
  • asmutils

  • lib4th
    • features description, version, all latest Files.
      • source, doc's, GLOSSARY, CHANGELOG
        Debian binaries package (ready for immediate download installation).
      • lib4th-doc, Vers. 0.0.55, 13.Nov.00 (800K), 3rd Party Documentation, DPANS94 (html), eForth & f6 (680xx cpu) sources and the tutorial to "pFORTH" by Phil Burk, almost all of which also applies to "lib4th".
      • NOTE:
        The "..deb" package has the advantage of including the files into the debian system maintainance, for easier version control, installation and orderly removal but, is not required; can be generated w. <make debpak>.
        Conversion to "..rpm"-type with e.g. <alien -r -k lib4th_...>.

    • v1.1.4 - 16.Jan.2003+
      lib4th src, Debian Binaries; CHANGELOG.
      • organizational:
        <Makefile> install tags re-organized, more efficient 'GNUisance deflector'; debian <menu> and <doc-base> definitions added; (slightly) more liberal licensing terms.
      • fixed:
        {open-file} error coding; {edlin} initial cursor posn; {a-base} '-' char after <"> praefix returns the char code, -".. -ve; {floats}, {dfloats} sizes;
        other minor bug-fixes, revised docs.
      • new/mod.:
        factorial; s>vfactorial & s>dvfactorial by table lookup;
      • yet unresolved:
        { if else ... } compact {0if} execution compiling, only.
        {represent} returns counted string -> should just convert to string of length implied by given buffer size (dpans
        {replace} might hang in buffer overflow -> temporary fix, exit w. flg=-1
        " { a b ... } " locals in stack notation not always orderly cpl'd

    • v1.1.3 - 3.Oct.2002+

      {dvround} fixed (false mmx code), {b.} display number at given radix. {replace} temp. fix at 'buffer overflow'.
    • v1.1.2 - 30.Jun.2002+
      New self-initiating {random}, {randomize}, {seed}; simplified mmap-ed files' support {map-file}, {mremap} &c, reading strings from memory by lines {readml}, length {readmc}, {c/l} chars {readm-c/l}; {timezone} string and numeric values; i/o channels scripting support {x-io}.
      {help} modifier to searching the vocabulary stack, {hv}, made "immediate" such that { hv help name } can be used while hi-level compiling/defining, too.
      manual pages "4.1" ("f8.1", "calc4th.1"), "f8ed.1", "lib4th.3" ("lib4th.7").
    • v1.1.1 - 7.Jun.2002+
      Fixed {?do}, {place} and {to-stg} wrt empty strings, {words}, {munmap}, {msync}.
      New {ch-stat} for a file channel's "status" (by sys fstat), {add-link} & {rmv-link} to supporting linked lists. { -1. (sys) } displays all available syscall names.
      Optimizing { .. if else } to { .. 0if }, last call to jump conversion completed (which also resolves end-recursion).
      Faster html-glossaries generation, Asm sources xrefs by L4 program (at 1/9 xec time of previously used bash script).
    • v1.1.0 - 5.Mai.2002
      New {#enum} strings count of a {:slist}, {flt?} type of a float/ranum/quad int, {uc<} unsigned comparison by chars/bytes, {error} vectored to deferred {<error>}, {e\stg} w, noop operator "\-" to delimiting char by number "\nnn" leading a regular numeric chars sequence. Fixed SIGWINCH response to stdout channel, {to-stg} and {+to-stg} in compiling state. "p3f" (most simple) example script for "POP3Filter" which demonstrates some text manipulating words and scripting w. pipes.
    • v1.0.9 - 22.Apr.2002
      {close-file} stdin protection, {[:]} wrt dll variant (for {thru} &c), i/o-pipe handling fixed, initial {in-chan}, {out-chan, {err-chan} preserved while script execution. New {open-pipe}, {ch-pipe?}, {ch-tag}; {fd>chan} w/ permission bits & pipe-flag.
      {;CODE} functional (resolves colon defn w/o compiling the final <ret> code).
    • v1.0.7 - 14.Apr.2002
      Blockfile error handling and screen editor extended; due to slow vt response unreliable cursor positioning in X-windows' "rxvt" fixed; Screenfiles' backup by lines, block-file backup keeping numbered copies to preventing accidental loss of data; Find & Replace/Delete. {where}, {load} and {-->} functional. {l-load} hi-level word, searching/selectively loading from indexed library (block-)files. {read-line} working with serial devices.
      L-LOAD and LOAD overwriting their return addresses with compiled code fixed. {[:]} and {:r} supplied, applicable to any such, non-immediate compiling (more than 4 bytes to code-space) words. {thru} functional, after {load} fixed.
    • v1.0.5 - 17.Mar.2002
      Several bugs fixed: {substitute} locals, {[accept]} cursor keys "up"/"down" for sol/eol, sigquit xec {bye}, {create-dir} functional, {path+file} wrt home dir.
      {allot} modified to implicitey extending system dataspace (in .bss) if required; more string words.
      blockfile editor w/ file "edit.f8" complete, and "f8ed" binary.
    • v1.0.4 - 10.Mar.2002
      BLOCK and BLOCK-EXT wordsets complete & extended, with f.i.g-style blockfile line-editor and channel-specific, self-allocating and {forget}table buffer blocks. Some bugs fixed. New words, e.g. {is-case} to re-defining an item of a {case:}-, {range:}, {associative:}-list.
      "lib4th" implements a Forth system with all words from the ANSI Forth standard in a(n at most) compliant manner, with many extensions, e.g. for text processing and arithmetics plus, the words known from other, earlier standards, fig, Forth-79, F83, &c.
    • v1.0.2 - 22.Jan.2002
      {replace} and some other, LOCALs related bugs fixed (e.g. "scr2seq" functional, again), locals ref. register initated at startup. New {e\stg} and, {[etype]} for the {type} vector which convert 'bash' style escaped characters and numeric character codes.
      dv>ieee, F>IEEE and ieee>dv, IEEE>F, format conversion between 'ranum' and IEEE 754 (normalized 64-bit variant) representation.
    • v1.0.0 - 13.Jan.02
      All numeric formats basic arithmetic opr & square root ready, available for single and double cell-pairs high accuracy (at least, higher than my old pocket calculator) Rational - or Real - numbers and, unlimited size counted ("bignum"), quad, double and single integers. Newton's algorithm square root dispensed with, binary method proved much faster (at little more 'cost' than a simple, bitwise division of equal size).
      Implementation of arithmetic words at, somehow, 'final' state, thus this version might be considered the 1st (beta) "release", not at all finished but, almost complete.
    • ...
    • v0.0.59 - 5.Dec.2000
      1st working version





  • bash (2.xx) script to converting the gzip-ped GLOSSARY
    		#! /bin/sh
    		for i in l4gls.html l4toc.html l4voc.html l4nte.html
    		do zcat ${i}.gz|sed -e 's/html.gz"/html"/g;s/html.gz#/html#/g'>${i};done



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