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Nothing but Linux & Assembler & i586+ ... - (update dates)


Re NETSCAPE, or other such stuff:
getting into reading mode when trying to load "tar/gzip"ped files, etc, probably can be circumvented by keeping the <shift> key pressed while selecting the required link. Still, I didn't manage to suppress Debian's, sometimes quite useful, un-compressing while loading...



Compiling the assembly sources, which are all prepared for and tested in Linux-i386/ELF systems, only, requires the patched version 0.98-3.1 (mailme for a tar.gz package) of "nasm" & "asmutils" 0.09+ - (latest version).
And, there is a new (9/2000), easy to handle debugger, "ald".



Below mentioned programs/texts are all "experimental software/information" where no warranty at all applies, licensed for non-commercial use, only, and according to the QT License (unless stated or explicitely agreed upon). License is not valid if regardless of whatever reason the licensing terms and conditions are not fully accepted and met.